Mr Anwar Pasha B.Com., LLB

It gives me immense pleasure when I realize that we are able to transform the vision of My Father in to a reality and bring light to thousands of life through the noble service of imparting EDUCATION. In the process we have overcome several hurdles and setbacks. But with courage and conviction we continued our journey and pioneered the concept of modern education. It is my earnest desire to constantly upgrade the quality of education at all levels and open new vistas in education.

We are marching ahead with a motto of dedication, devotion & discipline towards achieving the stature of Secondary & senior secondary education. With the kind of motivation and support we have received over the years, we are committed and determined to achieve our goal.

I feel proud when PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL, my dream project makes progressive strides towards education and modernization, with holistic development as the top priorities. I wish the outstanding excellence will make PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL shine as one of the best school in the city.


Mrs Sajida Tabassum

I find great pleasure and privilege to welcome each one of you to the PRINCETON World Academy with a difference. We provide a global educational experience to children from Nursery to the High School. Our extraordinary educational programme instills in the students the love of learning, ability to perceive and move forward confidently and to pursue their dreams and goals.

An all inclusive PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL for the community is our vision and dream and we are delighted with the progress that PRINCETON is making. We will continue to ensure that PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL stands magnificent in all circumstances providing the best and quality education to each and everyone who enters the portals of PRINCETON. It’s our endeavor to reach out to different countries and enfold their multi-cultural personal.

Our teachers are the true role models of our institution who are training whole new generations of model citizens themselves. Each of us here at PRINCETON is fully committed to bringing up a child to her/his fullest potential, during their stay here. Our approach takes into account the cultural differences of students from various places and current global scenarios. It is our differences that contain the charge to help us realize goals that are prodigious and beneficial to the world. Every year, our students proudly surpass all our expectations with their intelligence, ingenuity, hard work, and compassion.


Mrs Aruna Krishna M.A, B.Ed

Transformation of the society should take place from the root level, only then we can rise in the sky. PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL is committed to play a key role in education by shaping the future of our students and making them good, valued human being. We aim to provide not just basic education but to spot their talent and nurture it. Our Endeavour has been to study, understand our children and to provide them with quality education, which enables them to compete globally.

Coordinator - Administrative and Academic

Mr S Srinivasan B.Com., MBA

At PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL we are striving hard to achieve excellence in value added and holistic Education. We are proceeding towards the up-gradation of Secondary level of Education, with the equal cooperation of our Parents and assure one & all to provide the best Infrastructure & Instructional facilities. A child passing out of Princeton School will have lot of values, Knowledge, kindness etc. along with good quality Education. I would like to add that our Children along with their Education, Knowledge, Certificates etc. will also become a Good Human Being and well behaved Citizen of India.